Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ryder Cup V Fifa World Cup

The Ryder Cup proved to be a great advert for Golf last week. It was even better for the European game with a triumph over the USA that will have the Eurocrats in raptures. But the display of sportsmanship from both sides was universally acclaimed.

In terms of popularity Golf is second to Football in terms of viewing figures. Although, it is difficult to see exactly why.

My last entry pretty much summed up the state of that game with the recent revelation of widespread bungs to coincide with other such violations, as found in the Italian game, have tarnished the reputation of Football.

Along with this, the dirty and unsporting play that was all too visible in the Fifa World Cup was in sharp contrast to what was on display in the Ryder Cup. Golf remains a game of integrity whereby for Football everything from bungs to match fixing has tarnished the sport.

Why is football more popular? Marketing more than anything else I suspect; and also perhaps because it is slightly cheaper to play. But Football could take a leaf out of Golf's books when it comes to sporting play.